Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Recent project and contributing

Although I have not had many graphical projects recently, I did complete a piece of work for Marie Axelsson (@maloki on identi.ca) for her blog site.

I actually enjoyed this task as I was able to communicate with the end user directly through Instant Messaging, this made changes etc to the project a lot easier and feedback was considerably quicker than normal.

The final design that we settled on was:

This can be seen implemented on her blog here

The design was a combination of her interests and likes, the idea was supposed to resemble passing from the real world (with the earth and stars) into the virtual world (emblems and binary digits).

As always the image was created using open source software, both Inkscape and the GIMP were used in the creation of this image.

My reasoning for displaying my projects is not simply to "toot my own trumpet" but to promote open source software and also to show that most of us can contribute to open source. I can't code, I'm useless in that aspect, however I am able to produce graphical items. OK then, maybe graphics isn't your forte either, however you can still take the time to test a project and provide feedback or bug descriptions. Everybody can contribute to open source, regardless of their supposed "lack of computer skills". Even simply installing an application, using it for a week and then sending the creator or team an email sharing your thoughts, it doesn't have to be technical, just describe the problem you've encountered or features you think may be handy. Also explain that your not a coder, communication is the key. So many projects are struggling for contributors, any help offered will be greatly appreciated by the community. The number of Linux desktops and applications is testament to how well a community can work together.