Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Push your free Yahoo mail to K-9

One of the constant problems that keeps on arising in forum after forum post is that users are simply unable to manage their messages from the Yahoo free mail through K-9 the Android open source email client. This annoyed me as I have an old Yahoo account that I still use and I was desperate to get this to work.

A lot of posts simply conclude that it is not possible to do without paying for Yahoo plus, however there is a workaround.

Before we start make sure that you have the computer switched on and it is online.

1. On your Android smartphone, open up the K9 mail application, then press menu and select add account.

2. Enter your yahoo email address and password as instructed and then select Manual setup.

3. Then on the next screen it asks for the type of account, select IMAP.

4. The next screen will be headed Incoming server settings, configure them as shown below:

Username: {your full email address}

password: {your password}

IMAP Server:

Security type: none

Authentication type: PLAIN

Port: 143

If you click on next at this point you will be given an error message about a wrong username and password combination, if you see this simply click on Edit details to return to the previous screen. This is where the majority of users have a problem.

5. At this point return to your PC and go to the Yahoo website, log into your free mail, then immediately log back out.

6. Back to your Android phone, assuming your still at the page we setup in step 4, select next and this time the server check should complete without any errors. This can be a bit temperamental so if this didn't work select Edit details, re-enter your email and password and repeat steps 5 & 6.

7. Now setup the Outgoing server settings as shown below:

SMTP Server:

Security type: SSL (if available)

Port: 465

ensure their is a tick beside Require sign in.

Authentication type: PLAIN

Username: {your full email address}

password: {your password}

But don't click on next just now.

8. Repeat step 5: return to your PC and go to the Yahoo website, log into your free mail, then immediately log back out.

9. Back to your Android phone, assuming your still at the page we setup in step 7, select next, the server check should complete without any errors. Again this part can be a bit temperamental so if this didn't work select Edit details, re-enter your email and password and repeat steps 8 & 9.

10. You are then greeted with a variety of Account options, make sure that there is a tick beside Enable push mail for this account. The other options you can set as you wish. When your happy with your settings select next.

11. Give the mail account a name, although this is optional it is very useful if you plan on running multiple email accounts. Type the name you want others to see when they receive an email from you.

12. Click Done and that is you finished.

You should now have the ability to send and receive emails from your Yahoo account, without the added expense of Yahoo Plus.

This issue gave me a lot of grief, but I hope that this post will save others a lot of time. It's not perfect but it's a workaround.


  1. When it works, its fine. Many thanks for helping me cut through the grief when yahoo stopped working for my K-9.

  2. Push doesn't work however. You have to check mail manually every time, or to configure a pulling frequency.

  3. I am unable to get this to work on my Samsung Captivate. I have tried multiple times. Any further suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.

  4. hmmmm, this is strange, it works on my phone and I also recently did this on my wife's phone too earlier this month (August). We both use HTC branded phones (I wander if this workaround is exclusive to them, but I can't think why it should be).

  5. Thank you massively. Worked perfectly! YOU ROCK!!!

  6. I am sorry, I don't think this is push email. At step 10, we can select various options and check the Enable push checkbox. Since this is supposedly push email, Poll frequency should be 'Never.' But the email fetching only works if a poll frequency is set. A setting of 'Never' does not retrieve the email. Only a polling frequency goes and fetches the email. That is a battery drain and not at all push email.

    I have entered the exact setting provided, but nothing ever works unless we set a polling frequency of at least a minute. To me this is not push email

  7. G I'm glad this worked for you :)

    b6680f7e-1650-11e1-a14e-000bcdcb2996 This has worked for me and the wife every time I flash a new ROM onto my Android phone (that's quite regularly). But not everything works for everybody, the only thing I will suggest is to make sure that you log in and log out on a browser as instructed, without doing this the setuo will fail. I hope that you can get this working, if not then try another method.

  8. Hi Kevie your post is very intuisive but this never worked for me..... but as fellow open source user it made me think...and thinking indeed i should give a try to this as well log in to your yahoo navigate to options and then to pop and forwarding choose pop and then next to that is a question mark click on it and new internet browser window opens and and you see a bunch of choises how to set up yahoo in various email clients as thunderbird and so on choose the last option named other client and use those settings along side yours to set up your yahoo email acount to your K-9 app on your android, follow the steps and when you are prompt on your android device to accept the certificate key from Yahoo! be aware you will be promt to do the same as well on the outgoing set up for your acount....have a nice day Kevie and the rest you checked this blog entry!

  9. In step 4 the word android must be added for incoming server: IMAP Server:
    Only then the procedure works, but not for PUSH mail. My test messages did not come into my mobile. Only when I did manual 'check mail' or set a poll for every 2 hours (this is ok, coz it is not my main account).

  10. Hmm, what an amazing story you got here. Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I’m more of a visual learner, I found that to be more helpful well let me know how it turns out! I love what you guys are always up too.

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  12. Heres a link for the CORRECT way to set up a yahoo account in K9 without all that logging in and out stuff

    1. Also I should add, that even if you have an email account ending in, you should use the in the smtp and imap settings that they suggest. Just follow what it says exactly and ot will work

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  16. I have tried all of the above but it still doesn't work. Until i have set my Yahoo mail account into "Allow insecure apps to access".
    But still thank you so much Kevie for some of the settings especially of the SMTP server name. I have just known it recently.

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