Friday, 21 January 2011

Blocking an email address in Gmail

I, like almost everybody else I know, use GMail as a primary or secondary email account. But there is one design feature that I don't like: it's not obvious how to block email from a specific user. Yes Gmail has a fantastic spam filter, but your always going to get that annoying person that is going to send 15 jokes, virus warning, government conspiracies and anything else they receive themselves.

To block a specific email address in Gmail isn't difficult, but it's not very obvious to the casual user. This really could have been a lot simpler, Gmail could easily have added a 'block sender' button, but have chosen not to.

Step 1: Open your Gmail account, at the top of the page, beside the search bar, select the option Create a filter

Step 2: In the From box enter the email address you wish to block. Then select Next Step.

Step 3: Place a tick in the box beside Delete It and then select Create Filter.

That's it, you will not receive any more emails from the blocked address.


  1. This is true Gmail is too interested in traffic and if it were to allow consumer choice then it could not inflate its numbers with all the unwanted email that is not blocked by its alleged filtering system.

    A simple 'Block Sender" would remove millions of email addresses that would grossly affect Googles traffic therefore reducing its alleged presence as top producer among advertising sources.

    It overcharges for its Google Aps mail source at $50 per year and still does not allow one to block unwated email regardless of the source.

    Just like all the alleged security crap who needs it to post a commment. It is a waste of time and very annoying to those with and without vision. Security to log into ones acoount is all that is needed not on boards like this. What good does to gain to gather uncontrolled public comment if the Google is demanding login just to comment on a blog or board?

    When did the United States become communistically controlled?

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  4. 'Block Sender" would remove millions of email addresses that would grossly affect Google traffic therefore reducing its alleged presence as top producer among advertising sources

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  5. Actually, Your method response works fine, but if you tell it to delete the message also, the auto reply never takes place. I've tested this with my yahoo account and when I have delete turned on, my yahoo account never receives the auto reply.

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  6. In fact, if you block someone's email address, is that receiver will notice that he is blocled?

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