Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Jamendo - download Ogg files directly (Updated)

*****Due to Jamendo restructuring it's file archives, this method no longer works in order to obtain albums in ogg vorbis format, I will post an update when I find an alternative method******

Jamendo has all of the songs on it's site available in Ogg Vorbis format, however back on the old site this was only offered as a torrent option and the severe lack of any seeders left many users (including this one) very frustrated. Given that the files are there, the lack of an obvious way to download them is very frustrating.  But there is a way to directly download the albums in Ogg Vorbis format to your PC.

It is not as simple as a one click, however it is not overly complicated.

1. First go to the page of the album you wish to download (this will not work from the artist or song pages), in my example I'm using the Roads and Lakes by Crazy Evolution.

 2. Take a look at the address bar, this will have the album's ID, in this case it is a77507.  Take a note of the numbers only. For this album: 77507

3. Place this into the address bar of your browser:{album ID numbers go here}/?are=ogg3

so for my example to get the Crazy Evolution album it would be :

4. From the pop up window select Save File and then click OK

Once your downloads have finished; sit back, relax and enjoy your music in a free format.

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