Friday, 15 April 2011

Humble Bundles

Over the past year there has been a collection of games released under the name "humble ...... bundle". they have been released in the donation format, you can pay what you want in order to receive a pack of 4-6 games. The first pack included:
  • World of Goo
  • Aquira
  • Gish
  • Lugura
  • Penumbra (overture)
The second pack included the following:
  • Braid
  • Machinarium
  • Cortex Command
  • Revenge of the Titans
The current collection called the Humble Frostebyte Bundle includes:
  • Trine
  • Shadowgrounds
  • Shadowgrounds: survivor
  • Jack Claw
  • Splot
The continuing arguement is that Linux users will not pay for anything. Well lets look at the facts: over the last three bundles: the average Windows user has donated $6 whilst the average Linux user has donated over $11, almost twice as much. The fact that the average Linux users pay double shows that there is a market out there for Linux gamers. Hopefully this will get some of the established companies taking note that games are important to Linux users. The sad fact is that we are treated as second class. We need native Linux games to be a success in order to promote growth. With the recent expansion of independent gaming companies, this is becoming more of a realistic challenge daily. OK we may never have even close to the number of windoze and xbox gamers on Linux, however the fact that companies are taking note of the needs of Linux gamers is a step in the right direction.

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