Saturday, 23 October 2010

Jamendo - download Ogg files directly

*****Due to Jamendo restructuring it's file archives, this method no longer works in order to obtain albums in ogg vorbis format, I will post an update when I find an alternative method****** 

If your anything like me then you'll be very annoyed with the constant offer of an Ogg Vorbis torrent on Jamendo and then the severe lack of any seeders for the album. Indeed I've one album in particular that I've been trying to download now for 6 months without a single seeder. Given that the files are there, the lack of seeders is very frustrating. However a solution is at hand: download them directly.

This does not appear to be an option from the Jamendo site, however I noticed that the Android app is able to download any album I want in Ogg format. After some research and questioning, there is a way to directly download the albums in Ogg Vorbis format to your PC.

It is not as simple as a one click, however it is not overly complicated.

1. First go to the page of the album you wish to download, in my example I'm using the band I reviewed in my previous blog post: Roads and Lakes by Crazy Evolution.

2. Take a look at the address bar, take a note of the numbers at the end. This is the Album ID, in this case 77507

3. Pace this into the address bar of your browser:{album ID goes here}/?are=ogg3

so for my example to get the Crazy Evolution album it would be :

4. From the pop up window select Save File and then click OK

Once your downloads have finished; sit back, relax and enjoy your music in a free format.


  1. Two alternative ways:

  2. Thanks for the tip, there are probably quite a few ways to do this :)

  3. Hi! It's Nicole from Jamendo. I'm told that the OGG streams are back up and downloads will follow - check

  4. Very nice to know Kevie, I've been in the same boat as you many times but usually settle for the mp3... now I won't :-)

  5. Thanks a lot dude :). You helped me download an album in ogg. as of may-2012, this still works :)

  6. Step 5: save the .ogg files to the .torrent directory and seed.

  7. Hello!
    This way of downloading the Ogg Vorbis files directly from Jamendo doesn't seem to work any more (after the new API v.3 was introdiced).