Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Flashrom Logos

Here are the first of the mock ups for the flashrom logo designs. Am I on the right track guys?

Feedback please.

OK then a bigger chip with the text and the logo separate:

Reposition chip below flashrom:

Incorporate the lightning 'h' from design 2 with previous design:

The chip seems a bit far away, moving it a bit closer:

32 pin chip, making it as wide as the writing:
Different style of bolt:

Name on the chip:

Reposition h so it is not touching:


  1. nice!
    I like the first.. and add "m" letter.

  2. The m in the first was supposed to be integrated as the chip, however this effect did not work well.

    This was all done with constant feedback from the irc channel, it's good to get involved with community projects :)

  3. Kevie - I saw an identi.ca post where you mentioned using Inkscape in the classroom - any chance you might share what you do with it? How your kids use it? How you introduce them to it?

    I'm collecting some resources on using Inkscape in Education - and why using a FOSS tool for graphics makes sense.